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Chapter 1A

 https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/2659201 The four dwarf comrades of Lastgate Investigations comb the dwarven mining city of Mirabar to attempt to find the real murderer of old Rosehandle as his son awaits trial for his life. They've survived the first attempt on their lives, but are about to meet a deadly new enemy. "Murder In Mirabar"

Chapter 2 (and a bit of) 3

 https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/2711806-murder-in-mirabar-chapt-2-3  Lastgate Investigations has entered the deserted Rosehandle Mansion outside the city. What dangers await them inside? What clues? Time keeps ticking away as Septimus Rosehandle sits in a cell, awaiting trial for a murder he didn't commit. Or did he?  Who is actually guilty of "Murder In Mirabar"? 

Chapter 3

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/2780593-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-3  Lastgate is unconcious, Jamez and Murdermead are down to their last few hit points, and Rosehandle Manor still has yet to give up any clues of substance in the murder of its former master. New forces in Mirabar are soon to enter the web, but are they friend, or foe? The deeper the dwarf investigators go into this tangle, the more confusing, and more dangerous, it becomes. And time continues to slip away for the young suspect. . . . 

Chapter 4

 https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/2833021-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-4  After leaving the chambers of Mirabar's imposing Mayor Greybeard, Murdermead, Moradin, and Jamez are still burdened with an unconscious Lastgate. Clearly they need more than simple healing for their detective leader. A visit to the local temple is in order. Then they must attempt to find further allies as they prepare to sneak out of the dwarven city and into the Rosehandle Mines at the base of the nearby mountains to find further clues. But with a growing list of enemies (and the corpses in their wake starting to pile up) who CAN they truly trust?  

Chapter 5


The four dwarven comrades of Lastgate Investigations have made a plan, but now they must put it into action. They know they are being watched inside Mirabar by multiple forces, both lawful and not. Now they'll need to lose the tails, slip into a mining caravan, get out of the city, and delve deeply into the Rosehandle Mines for more clues in the murder of Broadbase Rosehandle. But even if they can, what awaits them "down the hole"? It's chapter 5 of "Murder In Mirabar"! Live from onstage at The Bard's Bounty Cafe every Sunday, from 6-8PM in Shelton, WA.  

Chapter 6


The four dwarven companions of Lastgate Investigations have made their way into the Rosehandle family mines outside the city. They've survived the initial sniper attack in the main cavern, but what other creatures, terrors, and secrets await them in the tunnels and chambers below? Meanwhile, back in Mirabar, young Septimus Rosehandle and his advocate Tullius Silvertongue, are another day closer to a trial they cannot win. Unless they can prove who really is guilty of "Murder In Mirabar"! Live onstage The Bard's Bounty in Shelton, WA, every Sunday at 6:00 PM.  

Chapter 7

 https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3032842-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-7  The four dwarves have entered the Rosehandle Mine and are delving into its hidden secrets, but will they survive the journey? And will they emerge with any proof that Septimus Rosehandle is innocent of his father's murder? Time is ticking away, and the web seems to grow ever more complex. Live from the Bard's Bounty cafe in Shelton, WA. 
Lastgate: Caleb Collins 
Murdermead: Daniel Kowalski
Moradin: James Hatchett
Jamez: Nathan Hizey
DM: Joel Underwood  

Chapter 8

 https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3096850-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-8    Back from the Rosehandle Mines, the four dwarves of Lastgate Investigations do a little upgrading. They'll need it, for the more they find out about the murder of Broadbase Rosehandle the deeper they delve into the power players of the city, those in the light. . . .and those in the shadows. Young Septimus' trial grows ever closer. Can they get the evidence needed to clear him of his father's death? It's beginning to look like finding the real killer is the only way. 

Note: due to physical distancing protocols, some members of the party were "Skyped-In" this episode, and there is no live audience.  

Chapter 9

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3177928-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-9  After a meeting with Azgat Yan himself, the four dwarves of Lastgate Investigations desperately search for allies in the snowy northern city of Mirabar. Will the Temple of Moradin yield any? Or perhaps questioning the head of the Miner's Guild? They may find foes where they hoped for friends, and fisticuffs where they sought clues. (Episode created using Discord for vocal streaming and Roll 20 for combat mapping! #physicaldistancing) 

Chapter 10

 https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3273298-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-10  The head of the Miner's Guild in Mirabar, Seth Kurch, obviously knows something, and he is terrified. Can Lastgate and the gang get the information they need from him before it's too late? All signs seem to be pointing toward Varrix Kobloch's estate, but getting in and out alive will be a challenge. 

Note: due to good health practices at the time of recording, this episode was created using Discord for communication and Roll20 for maps and combat.  

Chapter 11

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3351160-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-11  The four dwarves of Lastgate Investigations (and their new companion, the antiquity dealer halfling Feret Hart) are going to break into the estate of assessor Varrix Kobloch to look for incriminating evidence. What will they find? And can they make it back out again, especially considering that Kobloch seized the estate from the wizard Millavant not long ago. No doubt monsters, mayhem, and magic await! 

Note: due to quarantine, this episode was recorded with Discord for the performers in separate locations and Roll20 for maps and combat.   

Chapter 12

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3467824-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-12   Having broken into the estate and grounds of Varrix Kobloch, the four dwarves of Lastgate Investigations find themselves moving from combat to combat. Secrets may be revealing themselves, but new clues also lead to new questions. What has Kobloch been perpetrating out of sight in his compound? And what does the former owner of the estate, the wizard Millavant, have to do with all this? 

Note: in accordance with public health protocols, this episode was recorded using Discord for the online communication and Roll20 for the maps and combat.

Chapter 13

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3558850-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-13     The dwarves Lastgate, Murdermead, Moradin, Jamez, and the halfling antique dealer Feret Hart continue to search for clues in Kobloch's opulent estate. Confronting danger and mystery, they will likely find that getting out again will be much more difficult than getting in. 

As ever, much thanks to Wizards of the Coast for the use of Dungeons and Dragons 5e content, as well as to Roll20 and Discord for the ability for everyone to play remotely.  

Chapter 14

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3651928-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-14    After escaping (narrowly) from the estate of Varrix Kobloch, the dwarves of Lastgate Investigations now find that the cold wars of Mirabar politics are turning hot. What factions can be trusted as the body count continues to mount around this mystery? And the trial begins in only a week! Time is running out for Septimus Rosehandle and his advocate.  

As ever, much thanks to Wizards of the Coast for the use of Dungeons and Dragons 5e content, as well as to Roll20 and Discord for the ability for everyone to play remotely. 

Chapter 15

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3744548-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-15   At the campsite of the Anvil Guard, the dwarves of Lastgate Investigations dive into their pasts as well as their future plans. They continue to leave the bodies of witnesses and informants in their wake. Meanwhile Tullius Silvertongue begins crafting his defense, albeit with less hard proof of innocence than he would like. 

Note: due to distancing regulations, this episode was recorded using Discord.

Chapter 16

https://www.buzzsprout.com/719124/3848321-murder-in-mirabar-chapter-16    With time running out, the quartet of dwarf investigators head for the darker side of town to try to warm a trail that seems to have run cold. But their pursuit leads them into danger, and confrontation with a killer who is more than meets the eye. 

Note: Due to quarantine protocols this episode was recorded using Discord and Roll20. As always, we thank Wizards of the Coast for the use of the 5e content.     



 As we do at the start of every show, we want to thank the geniuses at Wizards of the Coast, the creators of D&D, for the use of their 5e rule system and various locales! Their innovation and hard work make stuff like this possible.